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Nina Royals

Lead Listing Agent at Royals Realtors

About Nina

Nina is a true Austin original. Native to the area, her front row seat to Austin's ever-evolving landscape has shaped her approach to real estate. With a keen focus on local insights, market trends, and helping clients achieve what matters most to them, she's developed a reputation for delivering service with a personal touch.

Nina's solid leadership, passion for tech, and community connections have made her team the number one choice for locals. She and her family live in a northwester nook of the city where you can find them at their favorite food trucks or hiking the local native trails.

“Tim sold our home for the exact price he said it would sell for – and then he turned around and negotiated a price $40,000 less than the next comparable house on the home we now live in. Thanks Tim!” 

– Marty and Cali Ressler, Lakeville 

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“We were selling our home “For Sale By Owner”, and we had numerous people through thanks to our Craigslist advertising. However, even though they all said they loved the house, we never saw an offer. We showed Tim the house while we were renovating it, and he never forgot about us. Tim brought in the buyer and was able to get us fair market value for the house – for a very reasonable commission.” 

– Tim Allenspach, White Bear Lake

“Tim got the Sellers to Sell for $36,400 less than their asking price, and he got them to pay a portion of our closing costs on top of that. We love our new home!”

– Andrew and Chess Jung, now of St. Paul

“We were working with another Realtor who didn’t have any time for us. We called Tim, and he treated us like million dollar clients. He was able to find us a foreclosed home in North St. Paul for under $49K – and he found us a lender who would lend us some extra rehab money. We didn’t even know that was possible. Tim was the best. We’re very happy!” 

Jerusha, now of North St. Paul

“Tim was able to negotiate a price that was$30,000 less than the Seller wanted. He also got the Seller to repaint the entire garage, as well as pay $4,800 of our closing costs. Thanks Tim!” 

– Charles and Jill Vowels, now of Northeast Minneapolis

“Tim showed us numerous homes, but it was the “For Sale By Owner” he found us that really blew us away – and Tim helped negotiate a price that could make it happen for us – including getting the Sellers to pay $7,700 of our closing costs. Along the way, he also introduced us to lenders that had loan products we never knew existed. We’re really excited for our new home. Thanks a ton, Tim!” 

– Dan Whalen and family, now of White Bear Lake

“We were working with another agent, a family friend, who was going to send us the latest homes on the market. We asked Tim to look for us too. He was able to find us a perfect home the first day it was on the market – which was listed by that other agent (who never told us!). We were going to put an offer on one home with Tim, but then he stopped us when he found an identical, foreclosed home for $5,000 less. In the end, he negotiated a price that was $24,822 less than the average sold price of similar homes, AND he was able to get the Sellers to pay $3,000 of our closing costs on top of that!”

– Dan & Katie Wood, now of Inver Grove Heights

“Tim was able to negotiate a price that was $45,000 less than what the Sellers were asking. He also got them to pay over $7,500 of our closing costs! Thank you

– Marie and Rick, now of Inver Grove Heights

“We were working with a different agent who showed us many houses. We wrote a few offers, but would always lose out due to multiple offers from other buyers on every house we tried to purchase. We brought in Tim and he found us the perfect home. This home also had multiple buyers trying to purchase it, but Tim made sure the Sellers took OUR offer over all the other offers – AND he got them to pay $5,000 of our closing costs too! We’re so happy we called Tim!” 

– John Cox & Barbara Byrne, now of Columbia Heights

“Tim found us a lovely home in Northeast Minneapolis and we wrote the purchase agreement on the spot – we cancelled all other showings that day. He managed to negotiate $15,000 less than what the Sellers’ asking price – AND they paid $6,000 of our closing costs! Tim is the best!” 

– Jennifer Schwartz and Ben Jones, now of Minneapolis

“Tim was absolutely essential to our home purchase. Even though we found the home we wanted to buy at an open house, Tim saved us a ton of time and stress. He negotiated $5,000 off the Seller’s absolute bottom line price, got them to pay over $9,000 in closing costs, AND got the seller to complete thousands of dollars in updates to the home. We highly recommend Tim.” 

– Dave and Liz, now of Minneapolis

“Tim got me into a great foreclosed home the first day it was on the market, before anyone else saw it. He then negotiated a price of $89K AND he got the Seller to pay $6,000 of my closing costs!

– Bob Sohlberg, Blaine

“We had almost given up on trying to find a home, but Tim said ‘there’s always a way’. He introduced us to a loan officer who made it happen, negotiated over $3,000 off the Seller’s price, and got them to pay $8,000 of our closing costs. Thanks Tim!”

– Kristian & Sara, now of St. Paul

“We just wanted to take a moment to tell you how pleased we are with our new home. We had no idea that it was even possible to buy a home with 100% financing. People still don’t believe us when we tell them how easy the closing process was, and that we even got a refund back from our earnest check! We appreciate you taking the time to look at so many houses with us, and even though we kept changing our parameters, you were always very courteous and helpful. Thank you for helping us find an inspector we could trust, a lender with many options, and most of all a beautiful home that we can be happy in for years to come. We plan on recommending you to anyone we know that is looking to buy or sell a new home, and we just wanted to let you know how much it meant to us for you to help us with what could have been a very intimidating process.” 

– Monty Ressler & Natalie Curran

“Buying a house can be one of the most stressful experiences in one’s life, but Tim brought a sense of excitement and professionalism to the table that actually made buying a house fun. He was always there to help walk me through the steps and did it with a sense of pride for what he does. He even got the seller to pay nearly $5,500 of my closing costs! Tim will be there for all of my real estate ventures that I am involved in from now on” 

– Spencer Koch, New Brighton

Tim managed to negotiate $7,400 off of the price of my home. On top of that, he also got the Sellers to pay $2,500 of our closing costs! The other agent was so impressed with Tim’s skills as a Realtor, he asked him to come and work with him! I love my home, and I think Tim is the best.” 

– Elsie, Minneapolis

“Tim negotiated $15,000 off the price of a fully renovated home near Uptown in Minneapolis. He got the Seller to pay $5,000 of my closing costs too! Nice work Tim!”

– Derek Wilde, now of Minneapolis