Katie Bauer

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IGNITE at Keller Williams Flagship of Maryland

Fall 2023 Class Schedule

All classes are from 6-9pm

PRE-LAUNCH-Preparing for the IGNITE Commitment Sept 29th

Session 09/29/2023FridayIgnite PRE-LAUNCH
Session 110/2/2023MondaySpark Your Career
Session 210/3/2023TuesdayEmbrace Your Job
Session 310/4/2023WednesdayConnect With Your Market
Session 410/9/2023MondayDefine Your Value
Session 510/11/2023WednesdayQualify Potential Buyers and Sellers
Session 610/16/2023MondayWin The Buyer
Session 710/17/2023TuesdayWin the Seller
Session 810/18/2023WednesdayWork with Buyers and Sellers
Session 910/23/2023MondayMake and Receive Offers
Session 1010/25/2023WednesdayNegotiating
Session 1110/30/2023MondayGet To The Close
Session 1211/1/2023WednesdayLead Generation
Session 1311/6/2023MondayGrow Your Database
Session 1411/7/2023TuesdayCapture leads With Open Houses
Session 1511/8/2023WednesdayCapture Leads With Social Media
Session 1611/13/2023MondayCapture More Leads
Session 1711/15/2023WednesdayKeep Every Lead
Session 1811/20/2023MondayFollow-Up with Leads
Session 1911/27/2023MondayStrengthen Relationships
Session 2011/29/2023WednesdayPlan Your Future, Wrap Up